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Collect GreenTix and offset CO2

It is easy to help consumers to make nature a bit better. By shopping at affiliated companies, they save GreenTix. For every 140 GreenTix plants one of our partners a tree. They also continue to care for these trees. This way we immediately start compensating for CO2!


GreenTix enables companies to award GreenTix. With products, events, or digitally. Each GreenTix has a compensation value of 7,15 kilos of CO2. GreenTix donates the full amount of the loyalty points to Rainforest Projects.

Rainforest Projects

RainForest Projects is an ANBI foundation that donates the fees entirely to local partners. The work in the Netherlands is done exclusively on a voluntary basis, no salaries are paid. They also check whether the money ends up in the right place and whether the trees are actually planted and cared for.

Local partners

De partners Rainforest Projects works with are very involved in the local communities. They take care of planting the trees, but also raise awareness of the value of the forests. They continue to care for the forests and help the population to generate income in sustainable ways.

Compensation Claim

How can we rightfully claim our compensation? Rainforest Projects has direct contact with local tree-planting foundations. They plant the trees and continue to care for them. The NGOs know exactly how many trees they have planted on our behalf. This makes it possible to trace exactly which trees we have had planted on behalf of which company, and how much CO2 is therefore compensated.

Clear about CO2

1 tree = 140 GreenTix = € 7 = 1.000 kilos of CO2 compensation

1 GreenTix = € 0,05 = 7,17 kilos of CO2 compensation

Our partner NGOs plant the trees and take care of them

GreenTix Wallet

Rangers access their wallet via the dashboard. Here they can see exactly how much GreenTix they have received or transferred. They can also see the unique codes of their GreenTix. And they can give GreenTix away to others, with a personal message.

Offset CO2

and plant trees

Join your company with GreenTix

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