Payroll program

Join your company with GreenTix!

The GreenTix Payroll program is an easy way to help combat climate change. You donate part of the gross salary of your staff to GreenTix every month. This amount goes entirely to Rainforest Projects and the affiliated NGOs. It is therefore fully tax deductible.

Your employees become GreenTix Rangers and compensate their CO2 emissions through their contribution. Connecting to the CO2 compensation program is easy. You decide how much GreenTix you want to donate per person per month. We arrange everything and send the monthly invoice for the donation.

You can participate from € 29,95 per month.


Connect your employees to your climate policy by reducing their CO2 footprint.


Decide for yourself how much GreenTix you offer each month and how much CO2 you compensate for.


Employees donate from their gross salary, so it is extra affordable.


If your company is connected, you no longer have to worry about it.

Clear about CO2


Each GreenTix has a compensation value of 7,15 kilos of CO2.


For 140 GreenTix we plant 1 tree.


Our partners plant and care for those trees.

For which companies?

Any company with payroll can participate. From contractor to dairy trade, everyone can offset CO2.

The purchase of GreenTix is ​​donated to Rainforest Projects and is therefore tax deductible.


You pay a monthly contribution for participation in GreenTix. This is possible from € 29,95. For this amount we support your company with all technical questions and make the connection possible. You can also opt for a more extensive subscription, for example to seek out more publicity via our platform.


Via an app, your employees can always immediately see how much GreenTix they have collected, how much CO2 they have compensated, and how many trees they have planted where. So they have their own Rainforest in their pocket.

Offset CO2

and plant trees

Join your company with GreenTix

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