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Connect your webshop to GreenTix!

GreenTix is ​​an easy way to help combat climate change. You involve your customers in your company and your sustainability goals, while you are in control. You decide with which products you participate in the compensation program, how much GreenTix you give your customers and therefore how much CO2 you compensate and how much you donate.

You can participate from 29,95 per month!

Connecting to the CO2 compensation program is easy. You register at GreenTix, we add the plugin to your webshop, and you can start right away. We help you step by step and of course also offer support after you have registered.


Bind more loyal customers to your business by helping them reduce their carbon footprint.


Easily determine for which products you give GreenTix and how much and how much CO2 you compensate for.


Download beautiful and useful marketing tools to personalize and use immediately.


Reach more customers with your online store through the attention in our app and on our website.

Clear about CO2

1 tree = 140 GreenTix = € 7 = 1.000 kilos of CO2 compensation

1 GreenTix = € 0,05 = 7,17 kilos of CO2 compensation

Our partner NGOs plant the trees and take care of them

For which companies?

Any business with an online store can join, no matter what you're selling. Books, bags, telephones, clothing, you can give GreenTix everywhere. The more different companies join, the more change we bring about together! Moreover, exposure on our online platform and in our app generates more customers. Everyone benefits from GreenTix.

Promoting GreenTix via webshops

You can easily link the compensation program to your own webshop via a plugin. This way, nothing changes in the further ordering and payment process. With the plugin you can easily set which products participate, and how many GreenTix customers receive with the product. Through this link, GreenTix receives a notification of every purchase and by whom it was made. We immediately inform the customer by e-mail about the collected GreenTix, and where the customer can view it.


Via an app, consumers can always immediately see how much GreenTix they have collected, how much CO2 they have compensated, and how many trees they have planted where. So they have their own Rainforest in their pocket.

How does it work?

The compensation program involves you customers in your company and in your sustainability policy. This makes it an effective marketing tool. We make various means of communication available. You can personalize it and use it for your shop, business premises or on your website, but also for folders, flyers or banners. This way you can draw attention to the program according to your own wishes.

What does it cost?

  • Start-up costs: you pay €150 once to join the platform. Depending on the chosen subscription, a discount is possible.
  • Monthly subscription: from €29,95.
  • You donate the GreenTix to Rainforest Projects.

Offset CO2

and plant trees

Join your company with GreenTix

Would you like to know more, or would you like to connect your company to GreenTix? Contact us, or fill in your details here. We will contact you as soon as possible.