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GreenTix is ​​an easy way to help combat climate change. You involve customers, guests or visitors in your company and your sustainable goals, while you remain in control. You determine how you join the compensation program, how much GreenTix you give away and therefore how much CO2 compensation you give away.

You can participate from 29,95 per month!

There is a suitable way to hand out GreenTix for every company. View the options here. Do you have another idea, or do you want to join? take contact with us!

GreenTix Payroll

Donate part of the gross salary of your employees. Tax-friendly and easy to arrange.

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GreenTix for web shops

When purchasing online in your webshop, give GreenTix away. Easily set how much GreenTix and for which products.

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GreenTix for events

Make your fair or event more sustainable by handing out GreenTix to your guests via a QR code. Decide for yourself how much and the conditions.

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Clear about CO2

1 tree = 140 GreenTix = € 7 = 1.000 kilos of CO2 compensation

1 GreenTix = € 0,05 = 7,17 kilos of CO2 compensation

Our partner NGOs plant the trees and take care of them

Offset CO2

and plant trees

Join your company with GreenTix

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