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The GreenTix CarbonCoin is not based on blockchain technology (such as bitcoin or etherium) and should not be seen as such in any way. The GreenTix CarbonCoin is a digital unit based on Co2 Compensation, secured with encryption so that each GreenTix has a unique number (hash). An infinite number of GreenTix can be created with the same number of crypto codes (hashes). Greentix have a fixed purchase price of 5 euro cents and a fixed CO2 compensation value of 7,15 kilos. GreenTix can only be transferred to other Rangers within the platform, they cannot be traded. GreenTix's mission is to plant trees anywhere in the world and to connect people anywhere in the world with that mission. The servers that are used are located in Europe and run exclusively on wind and/or solar energy and are cooled with recycled water. Due to these and other measures, the data center is CO2 neutral.

Compensate for your own CO2 emissions

Do you want to offset the CO2 emissions of your company, a project or a product? Contact us and we will find a suitable way.