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GreenTix Narrowcasting

Link your access system or cash register system to the GreenTix platform, and hand out GreenTix to your visitors, staff or customers. With every purchase or every visit, participants are automatically awarded one or more GreenTix.

And the best part is: on screens we show in real time how much GreenTix there are in circulation, how much CO2 you compensate together and how many trees you plant together. And this data can of course also be displayed online.

By linking your system to the GreenTix platform, the GreenTix promotion is automatic. You decide how much GreenTix you offer and any other conditions.

Take this step towards a brighter future together with GreenTix! take contact with us to discuss the possibilities.


Connect your visitors, customers, guests or staff to your sustainable goals.


You determine all the conditions yourself and how much CO2 you compensate.


Download beautiful and useful marketing tools to personalize and use immediately.

Clear about CO2

1 tree = 140 GreenTix = € 7 = 1.000 kilos of CO2 compensation

1 GreenTix = € 0,05 = 7,17 kilos of CO2 compensation

Our partner NGOs plant the trees and take care of them

For which companies?

Narrowcasting solutions are especially suitable for larger companies. We can make a link with, for example, your time registration system, access system or cash register system.

The more different companies join, the more change we bring about together! Moreover, exposure on our online platform and in our app generates more customers. Everyone benefits from GreenTix.


Via an app, consumers can always immediately see how much GreenTix they have collected, how much CO2 they have compensated, and how many trees they have planted where. So they have their own Rainforest in their pocket.

How does it work?

The compensation program involves you customers in your company and in your sustainability policy. This makes it an effective marketing tool.

We make various means of communication available. You can personalize it and use it for your store, business premises or on your website, but also for folders, flyers or banners. This way you can draw attention to the program according to your own wishes.

What does it cost?

  • Customisation: technical adjustments are required to enable the connection with your system. You will receive a tailor-made offer for this.
  • The monthly subscription costs depend on your number of visitors, guests or staff.
  • You donate the compensation for the GreenTix offered to Rainforest Projects, at 5 euro cents per GreenTix.

Offset CO2

and plant trees

Join your company with GreenTix

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