Why this program?

Every product and every service has a CO2 footprint. Everything we buy emits CO2. With GreenTix, consumers – the GreenTix Rangers – immediately start to compensate for that! GreenTix is ​​unique: Rangers always know exactly how many trees have been planted where for them. This way they save their own rainforest in the app. Do it for the climate, the animals, our children, or just because it's the right thing to do.

For consumers

How can I sign up for GreenTix?

If you make a purchase at an affiliated webshop, we automatically create an account for you. You will receive an email about this. By clicking in the link in that e-mail, you activate your account and you can see how much GreenTix you have saved. Have you not bought anything from affiliated web stores yet? You can also create an account yourself. If you later buy something from an affiliated company, your GreenTix will automatically end up on your account.

I received an email from GreenTix, but I don't want to participate

If you make a purchase at an affiliated webshop, we automatically create an account for you. You will receive an email about this. If you do not want to compensate for CO2 with us, you can click on the refuse to participate link in the email. Even if you do not confirm your participation within a month, you will not participate. The GreenTix then goes to the web store where you made the purchase so that they compensate for CO2.

How can I log in?

You can use here Log in with your email address as username.

I forgot my password

If you're in the login screen click on the option 'Forgot password', we will send you an email with a link to create a new password.

I have multiple email addresses, can I collect GreenTix with both?

Which can! If you are logged in, you can set which email addresses belong to your account. You will then see all GreenTix of your email addresses, and your total amount of compensated CO2.

Do I have to pay to participate?

A GreenTix Ranger account is completely free! You can just a create an account and start collecting GreenTix.

For companies

How can I register my webshop for the compensation program?

If you contact us, we will register you with GreenTix. We provide you with all the necessary information about how to connect to the web store. Of course we are also available for support if you still have questions.

Which webshop software is suitable for saving GreenTix?

We currently have a plugin available for web stores that use WooCommerce. We expect to be able to link more different online stores in the short term. Do you use other software? take contact with us to discuss the possibilities.

How can I link my WooCommerce webshop to GreenTix?

After you have registered your company with us, we will ask you to create a login for the webshop for an employee of our support team. We then install the necessary plugin and connect it to our system. You can then set yourself in the shop for which products you give away how much GreenTix.

Do I offset my company's CO2 emissions through this program?

You issue GreenTix, which customers use to offset their own emissions. If you want to specifically offset CO2 emissions from your company, a project or a product, please contact us. We are happy to think along about a suitable solution.

How can I join GreenTix with my company?

We have several ways to participate in the carbon offset program. you read there more about this† Can't find a suitable way for you? take contact with us to discuss the possibilities.

About Rainforest Projects and CO2

How is the 7,15 kg CO2 compensation per GreenTix calculated?

7,17 kilos is the average CO2 capture percentage of the trees we finance. The fastest growing tropical trees catch more, while the trees in Europe grow more slowly and catch less. At the end of each year, we evaluate whether the CO2 capture rate has been achieved, and if not, we adjust it.

Why does GreenTix choose Rainforest Projects' FSC audited projects?

Rainforest Projects is the Anbi we work with. Rainforest Projects supports FSC audited projects. This way you can be sure that Rainforest Projects and we keep our agreements.

Which NGOs does Rainforest Projects work with?

Rainforest Projects is currently working with four FSC-certified projects: Conservation International (Suriname), Orangutan SOS (Sumatra), Mpingo Conservation and Development Initiative (Tanzania) en PieceNature (Netherlands). Because these foundations by FSC approved, we know for sure that the money is actually being spent on planting trees and supporting the local communities. Read more about this on Rainforest Projects website.


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