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GreenTix helps companies with their climate policy

Climate change is the biggest challenge that we as humanity now face. Global warming affects everyone. Vulnerable ecosystems become unbalanced, causing animals to die and even become extinct. The sea level is rising. Floods and fires are the order of the day. People and animals can no longer get food.

Surveys show that more than 80% of consumers demand from businesses that they take the lead in protecting the climate and mitigating climate change. These consumers are your customers, so they expect you to take action.

GreenTix is ​​a CO2 compensation program that helps you fulfill this wish of your customers and staff. We bring you and your customers together on our platform in an affordable and attractive way. We do this in various ways.

    • EWe plant trees
    • EThese trees store CO2
    • EWe make this clear in our formula

    1 tree = 140 GreenTix = € 7 = 1.000 kilos of CO2 compensation

    1 GreenTix = € 0,05 = 7,14 kilos of CO2 compensation

    Our partner NGOs plant the trees and take care of them

    CO2 Calculator

    Do you know how much CO2 your company emits annually? Calculate it easily and quickly with our calculator.

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    GreenTix Payroll

    Donate part of the gross salary of your employees. Tax-friendly and easy to arrange.

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    GreenTix for web shops

    Give GreenTix away when making online purchases in your web store. Easily set how much GreenTix you distribute for which products.

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    GreenTix Narrowcasting

    Link GreenTix to your own system and present live how much GreenTix you contribute with your customers or staff.

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    GreenTix for events

    Make your fair or event more sustainable by handing out GreenTix to your guests via a QR code. You decide how much and the conditions.

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    Your customers and staff save GreenTix, they become GreenTix Rangers and get access to their personal dashboard.


    The dashboard shows how much GreenTix they have collected, how much CO2 they have compensated and how many trees have been planted. The activity history shows how they got all their GreenTix.

    Transfer GreenTix

    If they have saved more GreenTix, they can also transfer it to others. Surprise someone on a birthday or as a birth gift or any occasion.

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